My Journey till now

Sameer Gupta born and brought up in Jaipur - Rajasthan grew up tasting the flavor of the state.

Early inspiration came from his grandmother's flair for the region's culinary skills. In his childhood memories, he recalls, the pantry behind the kitchen, earthen pots of rice, grains and 'Dal' with dry lemon and mango, Jars of fenugreek and fennel, potato chips and Papadam drying in the Sun, on Mother's old cotton Sari. Something, that continues to inspire him, even today.

Since the onset of his career he had an opportunity to work with varied ingredients. His journey into mysteries of cooking has won him accolades from his everyday guests to the royal courts of Rajasthan.

Having worked with Welcome group's Mansingh he was invited by an Indian specialty restaurant Chanakya, which won him laurels among the connoisseurs of food. To add to is experience in classical cooking, happened, the opportunity of workingclosely for the royal families of Udaipur, Jaipur and Patan, to satisfy their palate.

After having experienced diverse cooking techniques he set his mind on technical training and culinary skills which took him to Bangalore's prestigious hotel management university to enrich his natural flair with even more knowledge.

He has served in positions including Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Assistant Manager and Manager at the Welcome group's Rajputana Palace, the City Palace of Jaipur and Chanakya restaurant.

He is also credited to have launched popular restaurants and exotic cafes and his contemporary works include restaurants like Quilla, District 9, Rolla Rappa, Thirst-Tea and many more. All of these promote distinctive cuisine and tastes.

His 25 years of experience, ranges from intricacies of the menu designing, management of kitchen to overall management of these successfully running places. His skills in creating the right ambience according to the place and event have seen him fabricate various experiences from well-acclaimed restaurant interiors to organizing lavish, exotic weddings for the Rich and Famous Indians in India, Europe, America and the Far East. His notable international ventures include the Surya in Bangkok, Ramo-de-oro in Italy and Masala - The Spices of India in San Diego, USA.

Home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Rajasthan has been a melting pot of many cultures. From the harsh lifestyles of gypsy groups to the extravagant feasts of its princely courts, the region has seen its cuisine flourish through the generations of its diverse people and their harmony with Nature.

Exploration of the culinary delights of this mystic land has motivated Sameer Gupta to work on his book, 'Journey of Taste' which is an effort to record this traditional knowledge that has continued to delight us from ancient times to the Space age.

Sameer is the only chef from India who has had the opportunity to present his culinary expertise at the prestigious James Beard Foundation in New York City in 2003 and also at Asia's society of America. The attendees at that dinner are still raving about his extraordinary food - diverse entrees, each with a distinctive taste and beautiful artistic presentation.

In the same year he was "The Chef" at an exclusive wedding at the Bronx Botanical Garden and he out did himself once again.

In 2011, he arranged the Rajasthani food for about 500 people at RANA (Rajasthan Association of North America) in Marriott New York where many luminary figures were present like Chief Minister, Rajasthan and Tourist Minister, Rajasthan.

In 2012, he did a Rajasthani food festival for Grand Hyatt Regency, New Delhi for a month, which gave an overwhelming response by the guests.

He also worked for an esteem Organization 'Morarka Foundation' as Organic Food Consultant where he designed recipes for ready-to-eat which are technology and health oriented. These items are available nationwide under the name of 'Down to Earth'.

Hot off the press, he did a successful party in Grand Hyatt, Kathmandu where he had presented exotic gourmet food.

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